Every garment is a unique piece, made up by hand in a small artisan tailor’s shop in Genoa’s old city centre. Our philosophy is the exact opposite of series production; we work slowly and produce only small quantities to order.

Sourcing materials is a real passion for us. So that is where we started. Thinking back to a childhood spent among textiles, accustomed to touching them, recognising their particular fragrance, we began by looking for a soft material perfect for the delicate skin of children; that was also elastic and resistant enough to withstand their energy.


The design of the collection is carefully studied, with the dual aim of recreating an original style and achieving maximum comfort: our models are completely free from zips, buttons and other hard parts. And, above all, they have no visible logos.

Fabric, design and tailoring process are totally made in Italy.

All our models are tailor made. The tailoring process is relatively slow because each garment is made to order.


Organic, eco-friendly, all-season, made from natural hemp and cotton fibres, woven and dyed in Italy. No pesticides or weedkillers are used for the cultivation of hemp due thanks to the fact that it is a stinging plant. Even the dyeing process uses artisan techniques with low environmental impact.

Sustainability is very important to us: we strongly work in order to employ an always shorter supply chain, looking for materials and suppliers as closer to us as possible.

ETHICAL is a project that champions environmental, cultural and economic sustainability, the origins of its raw materials and the wellbeing of those who work them. supports the CIAI Equity Cambodia project.

Two euros from every garment will be donated to the NGO for programmes supporting maternity.

Since 1968, CIAI has helped over 20,000 children and 10,000 adults to fight against childhood disease and malnutrition and to reduce mortality of mothers and babies.